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About UsIn business since 1989, Custom Table Pads & Linens is an Independent Dealer focused on providing our customers in the metropolitan St. Louis area (including Illinois and Missouri) with the finest “Made in America” custom table pads and linens.

We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and proudly hold their highest “A+” rating.


Custom Table Pads

Table PadsWe proudly sell quality custom table pads made by “International Table Pads,” inventors of the patented MagnaLoc™ magnetic locking system – utilizing totally concealed, embedded magnets in the pads to minimize pad separation and slippage on your table.

All table pads are precision made of light weight, 1/2″ solid fiber board cores that are clad with a durable vinyl top and a soft velvet bottom.

Our table pads are heat resistant to 550 degrees, moisture resistant and will not warp even when stored upright. Pads are available in twenty three vinyl top finishes (leather tones, solids, and wood grains) and five velvet bottom colors to complement your decor.

Our custom table pads are manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana and are shipped to your home by Fed Ex Ground. We offer factory direct pricing for table pads, extenders, table pad storage bags and protective table leaf storage bags.

Our “Best” quality pads carry a lifetime factory warranty and we guarantee that they will fit your table correctly or we will replace them at no charge. We also sell a wide assortment of custom made, country club quality table linens and accessories including tablecloths, napkins, table skirting, chair covers and bows, cushion covers, place mats, coasters, room service tray liners, garbage can covers, aprons, clothing protectors and table runners for all your basic and special occasion needs.


Custom Table Pads – Gallery


Table pads with magnets .
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Custom Table Pads – Colors

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Leather Tones - Custom Table Pads Wood Grains - Custom Table Pads Dura Velvet - Custom Table Pads

Custom Table Linens

We offer an assortment of Made in America custom table linens such as cloths, napkins, and runners in a variety of colors and prints.

Our custom table linens provide the look of traditional cotton linen at a fraction of the cost plus they are more durable, stain resistant and can be laundered at home.


Custom made table cloths are available for any size or style of table. Delivery times on custom orders vary but usually run 7-10 working days (USA). For a custom table cloth please contact us by email and indicate the fabric or print you are interested in, the size of the table (length and width or diameter if round), the desired drop (overhang– typically 8”), the color, and the finish (1/4” hem or merrowed).


Linen napkins are a mainstay of formal occasions, but they are also a great way to bring a little bit of luxury to family dinners. White and ivory napkins are classic and elegant, while patterned napkins add a pop of color to the tabletop. Using linen napkins instead of paper is an easy way to be more eco-friendly. When cared for properly, cloth napkins can last for years. Keep several sets to mix and match.

Napkins (17”x17”) are available by the dozen in any fabric color or print shown.  For a napkin quote please contact us by email and specify quantity, fabric, color and desired finish (1/4”hem or merrowed).


Placemats are a dining room essential. For a formal look, layer them over a linen tablecloth. For casual occasions and everyday dinners, placemats add style and protection while letting the beauty of a wood tabletop show through. We have two styles of placemats (inverse seam and merrowed). You’re sure to find one (or several) to suit any style.

Placemats (12”x16”) are available by the dozen in any fabric color or print shown. For a napkin quote please contact us by email and specify quantity, fabric, color and desired finish (inverse seam or merrowed).


A beautiful table runner is like the icing on the cake. Create a layered look with a decorated table runner atop a quality linen tablecloth. For a more casual feel, a linen table runner looks smart with coordinating placemats.

Table runners (standard 15” width) are available in any color or fabric shown with either a straight end or diamond end.  For a table runner quote please contact us by email and specify quantity, fabric, color and desired finish (hem or merrowed).

Because our custom table linens are made-to-order, all orders are non-refundable unless defective. Once your order is placed, it will be charged in full and may not be canceled or changed for any reason.

Below are samples of available fabrics.

Custom Table Linens Gallery

Table Linen Example
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Custom Table Linens – Solids

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OUR TOP SELLER. Cottunique® is 100% FORTREL® Spun Polyester available in over 50 popular colors.

Cottunique® looks, feels and absorbs like cotton at a fraction of the cost of real cotton linen plus its machine washable and dryable. You won’t believe it’s not cotton!!
Bolt width is 70″/90″ wide depending on shade*


Custom Table Linens – Prints

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Metro St. Louis Company Attributes Growth over Past 5 Years to Local Community

ST. LOUIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 15, 2017 / — The team at Custom Table Pads & Linens marked its 5th anniversary recently.

An exciting day of celebrations were held at the company’s St. Louis location where the owner of the company, Ed Hall, reflected on the past five years. Highlights of the St. Louis-based company’s history include its establishment in 1989 as Reavis Table Pads & Linens; changing ownership and going from Reavis Table Pads & Linens to Custom Table Pads & Linens in 2012; and becoming an A+ Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.

Hall said of the anniversary: “We are delighted to have reached this milestone, especially in such a competitive marketplace, and are really happy to be able to celebrate with our valued partners, customers and friends from all around the metro St. Louis area.”

“The past five have been a hugely successful time for us; Since buying and rebranding the business, one thing we have done that has led to our success was upgrading our web presence, so that when people search for ‘custom table pads,’ ‘custom table linens,’ or even ‘table pads St. Louis,’ they find us. We’re delighted to have become a part of the local community and have had the pleasure of working with and meeting many people in the area over the years and look forward to continuing to build on these strong relationships in the future.”

For further information about Custom Table Pads & Linens, call Ed Hall at (314) 752-5577 or e-mail him at

Tiffany Orr
(253) 470-8262

Custom Table Pads & Linens Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

If you’ve ever cringed as a guest left a glass unattended or coaster free on the table you spent months picking out or sit a hot dish right on the surface of your table without a second thought, then you may need a custom table pad.

Let’s look at a few benefits of custom table pads:

Longevity:  When you invest thousands of dollars on the perfect dining room table to fit your needs, you envision it lasting for generations.  The last thing that you want to see are unsightly scratches, waterbenefits of custom table pads damage, warping, burns, dents or dings.  That’s where a table pad can help. One of the best benefits of custom table pads is that the right one can help you extend the life of your investment.

Refresh:  Custom table pads can add new life to a table that has already been affected by wear and tear by covering up old battle scars. They can also add a bit of flair to an otherwise plain table.

Ease-of-Use:  Custom table pads are made-to-order, so once you place one on your table or other furniture, you’re good to go. If you use a custom table pad that has a magnetic locking system, such as MagnaLoc™, your table pads will not separate or slip off of your table.

Moisture Barrier:  Spills and moisture can warp and ruin your fine surfaces.  A sweaty glass or a spilled beverage can make the finish of your table bubble or chip.  This exposes the raw wood beneath, leaving it susceptible to further damage.   A custom table pad offers moisture-tight protection that prevents spills from reaching the covered table.

Heat Resistance:  Another one of the benefits of custom table pads is their heat resistance. Custom table pads can be heat resistant up to 550 degrees, enabling you to serve piping hot dishes with confidence.

Customized table pads offer a plethora of benefits.  Whether for use at your home or business, custom table pads can help you sufficiently protect your investment.

If you are in the market for a custom table pad, contact us. We’ve been offering custom table pads for nearly 30 years. We offer factory direct pricing for table pads, extenders, table pad storage bags and protective table leaf storage bags.  In addition, we also sell a wide assortment of custom made, country club quality table linens and accessories such as tablecloths, napkins, placemats and table runners.



The Benefits of Custom Table Pads


Custom Table Pads & Linens

Custom Table Pads & Linens
The table pad arrived and I am delighted.

Kathy Miller – Wildwood, Missouri

Kathy Miller – Wildwood, Missouri
The table pads arrived in good condition and fit well. Thanks for your help.

Linda Cornford – St. Charles, Missouri

Linda Cornford – St. Charles, Missouri
The pads are great.

Tom Osborn – Kirkwood, Missouri

Tom Osborn – Kirkwood, Missouri
I received the table pads. They fit perfectly! Thanks.

Kathy Peterson – Creve Coeur, Missouri

Kathy Peterson – Creve Coeur, Missouri
The pads came in as expected. They look and fit great. Thanks for your help and expertise on this.

Paula Coughlin – Ladue, MO

Paula Coughlin – Ladue, MO
We are in AZ now and just put the pad on our table. Fits perfectly and was in good condition. Just in time for company tomorrow evening. Thanks.

Linda Jensen – St. Charles, Missouri

Linda Jensen – St. Charles, Missouri
Ed-My pads arrived and they are perfect! Thanks so much.

Beth Maisak – Creve Coeur, Missouri

Beth Maisak – Creve Coeur, Missouri
Also to let you know we placed the pads on the table and the fit is perfect. Can’t thank you enough, great product.

Sandy Phelps – Director, Administrative Services/Facilities Barry-Wehmiller Co.

Sandy Phelps – Director, Administrative Services/Facilities Barry-Wehmiller Co.
“The pads fit close to perfect and look great, the new linens look terrific and we used them last night already. Thanks for the help, will keep you in mind for the next time!”

Alan Taxman – Creve Coeur, Missouri

Alan Taxman – Creve Coeur, Missouri
The table pads are great and surpassed my expectations. Thank you again for your help.

Tara Lewis – Ladue, Missouri

Tara Lewis – Ladue, Missouri
Just love ’em…you can use me for your ads!!! thank you!

Pat Steiner – Ladue, Missouri

Pat Steiner – Ladue, Missouri


Who makes your table pads and extenders?

All table pads and extenders are made in Indianapolis, Indiana by Berger’s Table Pad Factory, inventors of the patented MagnaLoc™ magnetic locking system. We are an Independent Dealer and are proud to exclusively offer Berger’s Table Pad Factory products because of their superior workmanship, value, and customer service.

How much do your table pads and extenders cost?

We offer factory direct pricing of $.08/sq.inch for “Best” quality table pads and extenders with the MagnaLoc™ magnetic locking system. Shipping from the manufacturer via Fed Ex Ground to any location in the United States is $30.00. Additional charges for conference tables may apply. Minimum size order is $175.00.

Why buy table pads from you rather than from the manufacturer directly?

We offer the same quality product at the same price as you would get by ordering from the factory on a do it yourself basis plus we will come to your home or office to show you factory samples, measure your table, make a pattern if needed, and help you choose finishes that best complement your decor.  Plus we guarantee that your new pads and linens will fit your table properly or we will replace them free of charge.

What are your payment requirements?

Payment in full is required at time of purchase.

We accept checks as well as American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1989.

Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

Custom Table Pads & Linens is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

What warranties do you offer?

All “Best” quality table pads and extenders carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. We guarantee that your table pads and linens will fit correctly.

What is your service area?

Metropolitan St. Louis including Illinois and Missouri.

How do I get table pads and linens made?

We work by appointment and will come to your home or business to measure your table and make a pattern if necessary. You make your selection from actual factory samples. We place your order and your new table pads and linens are shipped directly to you by the manufacturer.

How long does it take?

Table pads and extenders are usually delivered within 2-4 weeks of your order. Table linens and accessories within 1-2 weeks.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes-We sell gift certificates.

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Phone:  (314) 752-5577