The Benefits of Custom Table Pads

If you’ve ever cringed as a guest left a glass unattended or coaster free on the table you spent months picking out or sit a hot dish right on the surface of your table without a second thought, then you may need a custom table pad.

Let’s look at a few benefits of custom table pads:

Longevity:  When you invest thousands of dollars on the perfect dining room table to fit your needs, you envision it lasting for generations.  The last thing that you want to see are unsightly scratches, waterbenefits of custom table pads damage, warping, burns, dents or dings.  That’s where a table pad can help. One of the best benefits of custom table pads is that the right one can help you extend the life of your investment.

Refresh:  Custom table pads can add new life to a table that has already been affected by wear and tear by covering up old battle scars. They can also add a bit of flair to an otherwise plain table.

Ease-of-Use:  Custom table pads are made-to-order, so once you place one on your table or other furniture, you’re good to go. If you use a custom table pad that has a magnetic locking system, such as MagnaLoc™, your table pads will not separate or slip off of your table.

Moisture Barrier:  Spills and moisture can warp and ruin your fine surfaces.  A sweaty glass or a spilled beverage can make the finish of your table bubble or chip.  This exposes the raw wood beneath, leaving it susceptible to further damage.   A custom table pad offers moisture-tight protection that prevents spills from reaching the covered table.

Heat Resistance:  Another one of the benefits of custom table pads is their heat resistance. Custom table pads can be heat resistant up to 550 degrees, enabling you to serve piping hot dishes with confidence.

Customized table pads offer a plethora of benefits.  Whether for use at your home or business, custom table pads can help you sufficiently protect your investment.

If you are in the market for a custom table pad, contact us. We’ve been offering custom table pads for nearly 30 years. We offer factory direct pricing for table pads, extenders, table pad storage bags and protective table leaf storage bags.  In addition, we also sell a wide assortment of custom made, country club quality table linens and accessories such as tablecloths, napkins, placemats and table runners.



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